About Us

Energy ResolutioNZ is a North American sales and service delivery company dedicated to providing the best possible energy and utility services to the North American market.  Headquartered in Asheville - North Carolina, it is based on a blend of local US companies and organizations, and an alliance of international companies that have some quite innovative and patented practices and products.  This blend brings a combination of international best practice with a local focus to ensure we deliver services that are optimised and tailored to meet our client’s needs.


ERNZ also belongs to and supports the following industry bodies and associations.

The experts within Energy ResolutioNZ are:

  • Association of Energy Engineers
  • International Facility Management Association
  • US Green Building Council

Energy and Technical Services Ltd (ETSL)

Energy ResolutioNZ, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of ETSL, who are an innovative New Zealand company and market leader in delivering energy and utility management services.  ETSL has an established client base of over 400 New Zealand organizations including amongst these the NZ Defence Force (army, navy and air force), The Department of Corrections, Auckland Council (NZ’s largest serving a population of 1.4 million), University of Canterbury, NZ Fire Service, Ministry of Education and Parliamentary Service.  Coming from a country where sustainability is truly important, ETSL walks the talk in this regard and brings these values into every project or contract that it is involved with.


e-Bench Ltd

e-Bench Ltd is an international software company, albeit having their development house in Wellington, New Zealand.  The Company is the developer of the Software as a Service (SaaS) energy and utility management software bearing the same name as their company.  The patented and world leading e-Bench™ software delivers a comprehensive package of targeting and monitoring, graphical interfaces, benchmarking, and modeling simulation.  Whilst their software contains many advanced modeling and analytical algorithms, the output is data for simple, easy to read reporting.  A number of public and private organizations are already working with e-Bench™ in better managing energy and utility consumption amongst their various assets and facilities.


US Partner Companies

Energy ResolutioNZ, Inc. is looking for partners in the North American market.  Our services allow us to support consultants and energy service companies with the 'back office' processes that the market requires.  Please contact us for more information.