How Energy ResolutioNZ Can Help You

  • Resource and energy management plan: an organization-wide strategy developed in conjunction with the organization and then used to plan, monitor progress and coordinate with staff and other stakeholders.
  • Project management: transparent project management, with comprehensive communication and reporting to manage the relationship between the organization and Energy ResolutioNZ.
  • Support procurement services: to source the most cost effective reticulated gas, LPG, electricity, diesel and gasoline supply contracts, and to ensure energy performance is taken into account when considering new equipment or plant.
  • Targeting and monitoring: e-Bench is a web-based tool that uses the information from check meters and retailer data to check invoices, provide exception reporting, and report on progress toward meeting energy consumption and output goals. It meets reporting requirements for the Government’s National Efficiency and Conservation Strategy and the Kyoto Protocol.
  • Continuous Commissioning: energy management is an on going process as rates change, buildings are retrofitted, new programs are developed the requirements to track, cost justify and search for new technologies will be an on going process. e-Bench and ERNZ services can provide a cost effective process to support this.
  • Reporting: provided on an agreed time line interval basis with a pre-set range of information and statistics. This could include data to fulfill the energy and utility use components of triple bottom line reporting.
  • Benchmarking reports: e-Bench benchmarks against similar organizations or processes. The reports are a Level One Energy Audit which identify and quantify opportunities for savings by a variety of methods including improving internal communication strategies, commissioning or re-commissioning equipment and facilities or engineering solutions.
  • Metering, telemetry and data entry: remotely read, interval check meters provide a better understanding of energy consumption at a building or a facility level.
  • Support energy audits and evaluating solutions: audits can involve wastewater engineers, water treatment specialists, building service engineers, and many others. Energy ResolutioNZ has experience in auditing a full range of processes and facilities.
  • Support engineering services: engineering solutions to reduce energy consumption such as recommissioning, energy recovery systems, leakage analysis and remediation, cogeneration, process optimization, and load management.